Cleanliness criteria is the set of properties to be satisfied for something to deemed clean.   Now what is “Acceptance criteria”?  Acceptance criteria is the instantiation of the “Cleanliness criteria” to an EUT.

In Agile context, Acceptance Criteria is defined as a set of conditions that a software product must satisfy to be accepted by an end user. Acceptance Criteria are a set of statements, each with a clear pass/fail result, that specify both functional and non-functional requirements applicable at the current stage of project integration. These requirements represent “conditions of satisfaction”.  What are these “conditions of satisfaction”? Well pick these from the list of “Cleanliness criteria”.

Cleanliness criteria represents the “intrinsic quality” i.e. what properties should an EUT have to ensure that it is deemed clean, while  Acceptance criteria is the “extrinsic in nature” i.e. what is to be satisfied.